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last updated April 2015

The stories on this page are for readers aged around 7-10.

Many of the stories on this page are retellings. This means the stories were originally written or told by someone else and I've adapted them so that younger readers can enjoy them. If you read any of these retellings, I really hope you will read the full, longer versions of the stories when you're older.

These are anthologies - collections of stories by different writers. Just one of the stories about inspirational women in Daughters  of Time is mine. The rest are by others of the History Girls, an excellent team of writers of historical fiction (stories set in the past). The History Girls have a blog, but it's for grown-ups.

Daughters of Time (Templar, 2014)

I wrote 'Colours of the Day' - it's a story about the aviator Amy Johnson

5-Minute Stories (Parragon, 2014)

I wrote eight of them, I think (it's a long time ago...) – including some of those favourites in which wolves try to eat pigs and little girls.

A Treasury of Classic Stories (Parragon, 2013)

I wrote The Secret Garden and Oliver Twist in this collection

These are retellings of classic children's stories from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

White Fang (Quarto, 2015)

Peter Pan (Quarto, 2015)

Dracula (Quarto, 2014)

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Quarto, 2014)

Anne of Green Gables (Quarto, 2013)

The Secret Garden (Quarto, 2013)

Black Beauty (Quarto, 2013)

The Little Princess (Quarto, 2013)


Knights on horses, ladies lying wet and languid in lakes handing out swords — all good clean fun in the Middle Ages. These stories are all from Malory's Morte Darthur, finished in 1470. There's even a game to play at the end, with little stand-up knights in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The Adventures of King Arthur and his Knights (Quarto, 2015)

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Carlton, 2009)

Do you want to find out about more stories? There are books for:

>> very young readers

>> quite biggish readers

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