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The stories on this page are for new readers aged around 5-6.

Some stories come in a series with their friends. Some stories are on their own.  I don't think a story if sad if it doesn't have  a series, but I'm not sure.

Archie just can't behave himself. Well, why would anyone behave if they could get away with not behaving? The problem is, he can't get away with it. 

​Archie at the Museum (Wayland, 2012)

Archie goes on a school trip the dinosaur museum. Jam and dinosaurs don't mix.

Archie and Terrible Trevor (Wayland, 2012)

Archie gets sick of his sister's invisible friend - so he invites his own friend round.


Archie and Frisbee (Wayland, 2010)

Archie is desperate to take the school hamster home. He absolutely promises he can be trusted. Yeah, right.

Archie and the Babysitter (Wayland, 2012)

Archie really doesn't want mum and dad to go out. But there's nothing he can do about it - until they've gone.


Henry's not naughty: it's just that nothing ever goes right. It goes right for other people. So why not for him?

No Wobbly Teeth (Wayland, 2010)

Everyone else is getting money from the tooth fairy - but not Henry. Why won't his teeth fall out? It's not fair!


Too Dirty (Wayland, 2010)

Henry and Axel go for a walk. But they get very muddy.

Where's my Sock? (Wayland, 2010)

Getting dressed for school should be easy - but Henry's socks conspire against him.

Monster!  (Wayland, 2010)

There is most definitely a monster under Henry's bed. But the only way to prove it is to catch it!

These two stories are both about finding something unexpected - but with rather different results.  

Monster in the Garden (Evans, 2009) 5+

What eats sandwiches and makes a noise like a cat - but isn't a sandwich-eating cat? If there's one in your garden, you really have to find out.

Muffin (Evans, 2008) 6+

When Caitlin finds a baby bird, she gets it off to a good start - but in the end, Muffin has to find his own way.

Are you too big for these stories? There are more stories:

>> stories for medum-sized people

>> stories for really quite biggish people

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