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last updated February 2024

Readers making progress need books that hold their interest. After all, if a book's not interesting, why would you carry on reading?

These books deal with exciting topics in a way that's easy to get to grips with - without too many long words and hard sentences.

The stories are all described in more detail on teen stories.

Lies about vampires, ghosts, criminals, the future...

Vampire Dawn is a series of six vampire stories and a handbook for vampires - just in case you get turned into a vampire yourself. Read Die Now or Live Forever first, then read the others in any order.

Vampire Dawn series (Ransom, 2012; papeback and ebook)

(7 titles) 12+ reading age 9+


​Die Now or Live Forever

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Life Sucks

Dead on Arrival

Every Drop of your Blood

In Cold Blood

Blood-sucking for Beginners (not a story - but not exactly true, either)

The Vampire Dawn series has its own website.

Also available as ebooks.

Warning — there are no vampires in these books. But there are other scary things and ideas.

Forever (Ransom, 2016)

Off the Rails (Evans, 2010; reissued ReadZone, 2013)

Rising Tide​ (Evans, 2009; reissued Ransom, 2013)

An Open and Shut Case in Crime Stories (Evans, 2008; reissued Ransom, 2013)

Soldier Boy (Evans, 2008; reissued ReadZone, 2013)

The Hanging Tree in Ghost Stories (Evans, 2009; reissued Ransom, 2013)

These books are about things that might or might not be true. Can people talk with spirits of the dead? Do people really get abducted by aliens? What do you think?

Amazing Mysteries: Strange Places (Franklin Watts, 2009)

Some places are associated with mystery - strange things have happened, people have mysteriously disappeared...Is somethin odd going on?

Amazing Mysteries: Messages from Beyond (Franklin Watts, 2009)

There are people who claim they can receive messages from the dead, or from the spirit world. What do you think?


Amazing Mysteries: UFOs and Aliens (Franklin Watts, 2009)

Do you believe some people have seen UFOs, or even been abducted by aliens?

Do you want to find out about easier books for new readers? If you need something a bit less challenging , try:


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