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last updated December 2016

My favourite reader is a young teenager who maybe hasn't been very keen on reading up to now. Then I hurl a load of vampires and ghosts and scary stuff at them.

It's not a recipe for getting rich, writing books for people who don't read. But it is incredibly rewarding and a real challenge. I love it.
Vampires — eveyone likes a good bloodsucker. Especially if there's no hint of paranormal romance. Instead, these vampires have to struggle with accusations of having an eating disorder, or the tricky business of being famous and never ageing.
Five teenagers on a camping trip in Hungary fall prey to a strange ailment, brought on by mosquito bites — and their lives are changed forever. Die Now or Live Forever is the first in the series. Thereafter, you can read them in any order.

Vampire Dawn series (Ransom, 2012; papeback and ebook)

(7 titles) 12+ reading age 9+


​Die Now or Live Forever

If you go camping in a forest and you come across a dead guy nailed to the ground with a tent peg, don't hang around.


Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Modelling is a bitchy and dangerous world - especially when vampires are involved.


Life Sucks

Being a mega-star and being a vampire don't mix. Tricky times ahead for a vampire who wants his band to be big.


Dead on Arrival

A hospital is full of blood and should be a good place for a vampire. Wrong - it's a nightmare.


Every Drop of your Blood

Omar gets on a plane to New York and ends up in a terrifying prison in Russia. It's more than a holiday mix-up.

In Cold Blood

Ava wakes up as she's dumped from a car into the snow in Kosovo. That's never a good start to a day. It's about to get a lot worse. And the tiger is only the start of her problems.

Blood-sucking for Beginners (not a story - but not exactly true, either)

Have you been turned into a vampire? Don't panic - this book will help you adjust to your new condition.

Also available as ebooks.

Maybe 'thrillers' isn't really the right label. Two are crime thrillers, but another is more a sci-fi thriller. As long as there's a thrill element, though, that's good enough, isn't it?


These were all published by Evans originally but have been reissued by Ransom and Readzone with new covers (old covers here).

Off the Rails (Evans, 2010; reissued ReadZone, 2014)

A body dumped by the tracks, glimpsed through a rain-streaked window. It's not something you can ignore.

Rising Tide​ (Evans, 2009; reissued Ransom, 2013)

As climate change brings floods and political upheaval, life gets hard. It's especially hard for football-ace Danny, whose African country is disappearing under the sea. Escape to England seemed like a good idea...

An Open and Shut Case in Crime Stories (Evans, 2008; reissued Ransom, 2013)

Farooq knows something very bad has happened to Mrs Armitage. But no one will listen to him. He just has to investigate himself, however dangerous it is.


I love writing scary stuff. Hence the vampires. There is a spooky-romantic story too - in the next section.

These were published by Evans originally; they have been reissued by Ransom and Readzone with new covers (old covers here).

Soldier Boy (Evans, 2008; reissued ReadZone, 2014)

Drew isn't really worried when Martin digs up a bone in the garden. But he should be.

The Hanging Tree in Ghost Stories (Evans, 2009; reissued Ransom, 2014)

Alfie has never liked the tree, but surely the tales he has heard are just that - silly tales. He has to hope so now he must climb it.


How did I get to be doing romantic stories? How did that happen? No idea.


The first of these is a bit spooky and is set in the past.

Forever (Ransom, 2016)

Lucy​ moves into a new house by an old church. Soon, she is captivated by a young man she meets there. But she knows her parents will never understand.

A Bird in the Hand (ReadZone, 2014)

Immy's heading into town to meet Alastair. Well, not quite meet - bump into. Or she is until she finds the bird.

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