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Science — it covers all the coolest things in the world. Dinosaurs; mountains that spit out rock so hot it's liquid; animals that turn themselves inside out; brain-curdling tricks with numbers. What's not to like?

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dead and alive: Lots of things have been alive before us. Some of them have gone forever, but others have left descendants. Birds are the last dinosaurs. Look here for books about animals past and present

earth in space: Look here for books about space, planets, Earth and all the things it gets up to. Plus, how we're making a botch of living on this planet and could do better

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alive! Look here for books about your body, keeping it healthy, and how we try to fix you if it messes up

school-holiday science: Look here for books that are all fun and games. Want to know how many parasites there are in you? No, thought not. But if you did, this is where you could find out.

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technostuff: Look here for books about all kinds of techy stuff from robots to hovercraft, and anything electric or eclectic
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