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Science - it covers all the coolest things in the world. Mountains that spit out rock so hot it's liquid; animals that turn themselves inside out; brain-curdling tricks with numbers. What's not to like?

our planet (and its neighbours): Look here for books about volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, weather, wildfires and other things the Earth gets up to. And what goes on in space around us. Also, how we're making a botch of living on this planet and how we could do better

alive! Look here for books about your body, how we try to fix you if it messes up, and other living things, from carrots to whales. (Actually, there aren't any whales. But I wish there were)

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school-holiday science: Look here for books that are all fun and games. Want to know how many parasites there are in you? No, thought not. But if you did, this is where you could find out.

technostuff: Look here for books about all kinds of techy stuff such as robots, computers, planes and other widgety things that use electrons

science for big people: If you're a grown-up, or pretty nearly, there are some longer science books. They have lots of pictures and fascinating facts

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