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last updated November 2019


Dinosaur Atlas was a finalist for the Royal Society Young Person's Book Prize, 2018,  AND won the judges' prize for its age category in SLA (School Library Association) prize. I'm so very happy about this — they are both wonderful prizes!

The dinosaurs featured at Hay Festival, 2019, too.

If you've been here before, you won't want to drag through all the pages to find the new books so I've put them all here.


Just below, you can see the books that have come out most recently. Then those that are coming out soon. And finally there is a sneak preview of books I'm working on at the moment. All the books included here already have a contract.

These books are already out, but they're new and insecure. Be nice to them. They have all been published in the last 12 months. They are in approximate chronological order, with the newest first.

The books in this section will be published in the next 12 months. I have finished my work on them, but they are going through the s-l-o-w process of being printed and shipped.

Mapping the Planets

How the World Works: The Universe

Curious Q&A: The Moon

Curious Q&A: Space Machines

Microfacts: Dinosaurs

Microfacts: Inventions

The books in this section are some I am still working on:

Extreme Earth

The Story of the Universe

How to be an Eco-Hero

At the Animal Park


And there are more queuing up, waiting to be written.

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