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You wouldn't be here if you didn't know I write books. 

I write books of all sizes for people of all sizes. On the whole, I write short books for short people and longer books for longer people. But I also write a fair number of short books for long people - they're for older readers who aren't yet confident with long books.


A lot of the books I write are things that are true. Others are totally made up. Even the made up ones aren't entirely lies. Stories help us discover universal truths through literal lies. So that lies/truth thing - it's trickier than it looks.


at home: Look here for a little bit about where I live and what my life is like.

my life then: Look here for a bit about how I ended up as a writer and what else I've done.

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my life now: Look here to find out what I write now and how I work.

get in touch: Look here if you want to contact me about anything. You can use this page if you are a reader, parent, publisher, teacher, vampire — or anyone else.

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