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Last updated April 2023

You can't walk around as a disembodied mind, so you'd better find out how your body works, how to look after it, what can go wrong with it and what we can do to fix it if does go wrong.

You've got a body — find out about it. There's useful information and there's useless but rather fascinating facts about such things as how many others things are sharing your body as a home and how much spit you produce each day.​

You Wouldn't Want to Live in a Virus Pandemic (Salariya, 2021)
Written when we were already living in a virus pandemic. Should probably have been called You Wouldn't Want to Die in a Virus Pandemic

500 Fantastic Facts: Your Body (Arcturus, 2019)

Curious Questions and Answers: My  Body (Miles Kelly, 2019)

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Vaccinations (Salariya, 2015)

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Antibiotics (Salariya, 2015)

Keeping Safe Around Alcohol, Drugs and Cigarettes (Franklin Watts, 2014)

Surgery Through Time (HarperCollins Big Cat, 2013)

A World After Super-Plague (Raintree, 2013)
This book looks at what happens when a terrible disease sweeps the world. It will happen sooner or later. Oops, it already did...

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