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last updated May 2013

Books can be about anything - and information books don't need to be about subjects you might study in school. 

The books on this page are just good fun - but that doesn't mean they don't tell the truth and aren't accurate.

If you've just got a few minutes, these are books you can dip in and out of to pick out odd, fascinating facts. Astound your friends and bore you family with 'Did you know....' conversations.

​1001 Horrible Facts (Arcturus, 2006)

This book is my personal bestseller. I should make it a nice cake. If you don't want to read it in English, you can read it in Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Indonesian or Chinese.


The Really Horrible Facts  (Arcturus, 2013)

This is another version of 1001 Horrible Facts, with a quiz.

501 1/2 Horrible Facts (forthcoming, Arcturus, 2013)
This is half of
1001 Horrible Facts!

1,000 Facts You Just Won't Believe

(Parragon, 2013) Co-author.

50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Maths
(Quercus, 2011)​


Revolting Records (Barrington Stoke, 2012)

Easy to read.

Grim, Gross and Grisly (Barrington Stoke, 2010)
Easy to read.

These are true books about things that often aren't true. Confused? Some people have been rather annoyed by these. Zombies on the Loose was banned in the USA, even though it says supernatural zombies don't exist!

If you really like vampires, try the Vampire Dawn series.

Wallace and Gromit's World of Mysteries (Chrysalis, 2004)

This book is amazing. It has a magic pointing finger device that lets you choose a question about a mystery and then it will magically point to the answer. I love it. It's one of my favourites of all my books.

Amazing Mysteries: Strange Places (Franklin Watts, 2009)

Some places are associated with mystery - strange things have happened, people have mysteriously disappeared...Is somethin odd going on?
Easy to read.

Amazing Mysteries: Messages from Beyond (Franklin Watts, 2009)

There are people who claim they can receive messages from the dead, or from the spirit world. What do you think?

Easy to read.


Amazing Mysteries: UFOs and Aliens (Franklin Watts, 2009)

Do you believe some people have seen UFOs, or even been abducted by aliens?

Easy to read.


Clash: Alien Abduction (TickTock, 2008)
Easy to read.


Clash: Zombies on the Loose (TickTock, 2008)
Easy to read.


Clash: Vampire Castle (TickTock, 2008)
Easy to read.

I can't tell you anything about these books as they're top secret. Obviously.

Secret Services (Franklin Watts, 2009)


Wicked Wallets: Spies (Chrysalis, 2003)

This folder contains six tiny books that are easy to hide. Some of them have facts, others have games and puzzles. Oh, whoops - I wasn't going to tell you anything. Now I shall have to shoot you.

In publisher-speak, these a licensed-character books. That means they are about (non-existent) characters that already exist. Get it? These are mostly activity books.

The original Angelina Ballerina books are actually illustrated by one of my good friends, Helen Craig. She lives down the road, which is quite a coincidene.

Wallace and Gromit's World of Mysteries (Chrysalis, 2004)

Wallace Gromit and the Were-Rabbit (Ladybird, 2005)

Angelina Ballerina Sticker Activity Book (Ladybird, 2004)

Disney Cuties Friendship Book (Ladybird, 2005)

Disney Cuties Best Friend (Ladybird, 2005)

Disney Cuties Things to Make and Do (Ladybird, 2005)

OK, they're not all pink. These are novelty books. The three ZigaZagas are books that velcro together and make a ladder; the last is a file of small books. I only wrote part of the third one, the original ZigaZaga.

Secret ZigaZaga (Chrysalis, 2004)

ZigaZaga Know it All add on (Chrysalis, 2002)

 ZigaZaga (Chrysalis, 2002)

Funky Files: Sleepovers (Chrysalis, 2003)

Do you want to have more fun? How about a story:

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