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Last updated April 2023

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Earth is just one planet in billions — but it's ours and there's no getting away from it (or not without a serious spacecraft).

We live on Earth and Earth lives in space. It's not a cosy little home — it goes on and on and on and on, but it's full of amazing things.

Making History: Mars Rover (Silver Dolphin, 2022)

Space: 500 Questions and Answers (Arcturus, 2022)

The Story of the Universe (Arcturus, 2021)

Curious Questions and Answers: Space Machines (Miles Kelly, 2020)

Curious Questions and Answers: The Moon (Miles Kelly, 2020)

500 Fantastic Space Facts (Arcturus, 2019)

Stars and Planets Handbook (TickTock, 2014)

Space Record Breakers (Carlton, 2014)

A Maths Journey Through Space (Wayland, 2014)

Exploring Space (Badger, 2014)

trans earth.png

Our planet — we can't live without it. But sometimes it's a bit, well, boisterous. Or naughty. But planets will be planets. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, wildfires, extreme weather — it's all part of what you signed up for by being born on Earth rather than as some multi-pronged alien on a distant exoplanet.​

The Story of Planet Earth (Arcturus, 2022)

Our Extreme Earth (Lonely Planet, 2020)

How to be an Eco-Hero (Hachette, 2020)
You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Gravity (Salariya, 2016)

A Maths Journey Through Planet Earth (Crabtree, 2014)

Volcano (Dorling Kindersley, 2006)

Much older than the other books on the site, but I've kept it here because I love it. Super CGI images of the insides of Earth and a huge poster to put on your wall!

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