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last updated March 2013

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The potato and the lynx

(not a fable by Aesop)

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Slipstream: Super Animals (Franklin Watts, 2012)
Easy to read.



If you think you want to be a writer, bear this in mind:​

You have to write whether or not you feel inspired. You have to keep going. Even if you write rubbish, you will have something to change, or to delete. If you write nothing, you have nothing to work with. (But you mustn't publish the rubbish, or show it to anyone - you must recognise rubbish.)

You aren't going to get paid holidays, or paid if you are sick/pregnant/depressed/stuck on the train unless you keep writing.  Sometimes, you won't be paid anyway because you will work on a book you can't then sell.

Slipstream: Super Animals (Franklin Watts, 2012)
Easy to read.

Do you want to find out about more science books? There are books about:

>> our planet (and its neighbours)

>> you and other living things

>> technostuff

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